We use modern laboratory equipment. The core elements are 2 High temperature polycondensation reactors up to 50 liter capacity.

  • High temperature polycondensation reactors
  • Glass reactor with temperature control, 20 L
  • 2 Rotavapors incl. pumps and chiller
  • Membrane Pump
  • Scroll pump
  • Mechanical overhead stirrers
  • 2 Magnetic stirrers with hot plate
  • Large Büchner funnel (15 L) with corresponding large glass filter funnel
  • Several small (2 L) Büchner funnels with corresponding glass filter funnels of various sizes (250 mL – 2 L) and porosities (2-4).
  • Sets of round and flat bottom flasks (250 mL - 3 L, 5-10 of each size)
  • Dropping funnels (0,5 L - 2 L)
  • Several separatory funnels 1-2 L
  • Gel Permation Chromatograph (GPC).
  • Carbon Steel Polymer Machinery Under The Press Granulator

Chiller for Rotavap 20L

  • • Working temperature range: -25~30°C
  • • Pump max.Vpc:35L/min; 1bar
  • • Cooling power (kw) at (°C): 0°C-4Kw, -10°C-2.7Kw, -20°C-1.5Kw
  • • Tank volume: 30L
  • • Connection port: DN20
  • • Temp control system: ASET multi-functional controller
  • • Size: 500*680*1350mm
  • • Power: 220V 50Hz, single phase
  • • About chiller, AC contactor using Schneider - Omron
  • • Phase sequence undervoltage protection
  • • With compressor overcurrent protection and circulation pump thermal overload protector
  • • With compressor ultra-high pressure protection (too much refrigerant alarm)
  • • With Compressor pressure gauge display (external of device, it can indicate that the refrigerant is not enough, need to increase the refrigerant)
  • • With Low level sensor (low level alarm), when the refrigerant medium is not enough, the buzzer sounds

Dual stage rotary vane oil vacuum pump for Rotavap 20L

Displacement speed m3 /h(L/s), 50Hz 12(3.2), 60Hz 14(3.8)

Ultimate partial pressure gas ballast close(Pa) : 0.04

Ultimate total pressure gas ballast close(Pa): 0.4

Ultimate total pressure gas ballast open(Pa):0.8

Power supply: single / three phase 220V or 380V

Power rating(kw) :0.75/0.55


Dual stage rotary vane oil vacuum pump for Rotavap 20L

Intake and exhaust DN(mm): KF25

Oil capacity(L): 0.9--1.5

Motor speed (rpm) 50Hz-1440


Ambient temperature(°C):5-40

Noise level(dB): <58

Weight(kg): 30

Explosion-proof Rotavap 20L

  • Down mode: Electric lift
  • The speed range(rpm): 5~110
  • Temp range (°C): RT~180 (oil bath)
  • Condenser: Vertical type, one pc condenser
  • Rotating bottle max capacity (L): 20L
  • Max capacity to collect bottle (L): 10L
  • Motor power (W): 90; bath power: SKW
  • Voltage: 220V 50Hz 1phase
  • Evaporation speed (alcohol): 5L
  • Dimension: 1000 x 800 x 1800mm
  • With wheels for easy movement
  • Rotavap will add air switch for safety purpose
  • EX proof motor and controller

Jacket glass reactor 20L (Standard notor)


Jacket glass reactor 20L (Standard notor)